The Ontario Lavender Conference was held Nov 14 - 15 and the USLGA was proud to participate. USLGA President, Mary Bergstrom, represented the USLGA and went with several goals in mind: to cultivate relationships with our "Neighbors to the North", gain insight into another environment for lavender farms and producers, learn how another organization functions, and learn about new and hot topics.

While at the conference, Mary got to spend time with old friends and conference speakers: Victor Gonzales, Dr. Tim Upson, and Kathy Ghert. Victor wrote a great overview of the USLGA!  Additionally, they had the pleasure of touring three beautiful local lavender farms!

Mary also made new connections with Anita and Steve Buehner, Dr. John Kelly, Shelley Imbeault, Sean Westerveld, Bob and Barb Gilles, Harold and Jan Schooley, and many others in Ontario. There were even two US farms from New York and Pennsylvania represented!

There was great information covered and several new topics that are quite important.  Further details and pictures will be shared, so stay tuned for more information!