Update Your Member Profile to get on USLGA Public Lists of Farms & Suppliers!

The USLGA Website has been redesigned so the public can find your farm or business!  These are the two new searches that have been built.

  • Find A Farm: A list of farms open to the public -- searchable by city or by state or by farm name
  • Find A Supplier: A list of USLGA members who supply plants, gifts, services to lavender growers. Where we can, we should support our own!

FOR THIS TO WORK -- you must update your member profile!

  • Growers who want their farm listed in the public search option to "Find a Farm" must update their Member Profile -- which involves entering the address you want shown to the public in the "Find A Farm" searches.    
    There is a difference between your mailing address; and your (viewed by the) public address.
  • Growers who are also Suppliers must also update their profile to provide the Supplier List information category, contact details, link to your website.
  • Affiliates who are Suppliers need to update their profile, to provide Supplier List info, including link to your website.

The "Map of Farms" is in transition. Even so, updating your profile will ensure you will soon show up on the map, too.

With the new Member Profile, we encourage everyone to update their profile. This is an excellent time to re-visit the list of USLGA Volunteer Opportunities.  Note:  you can update your Member Profile at any time! 

STEPS are simple:

Link:                                    https://www.uslavender.org/

Upper Right:                      MEMBER LOGIN button

Fifth Tab:                             MEMBERS AREA:  then choose MEMBER PROFILE drop-down

On the right side:            EDIT button

When you finish:              SAVE button

Helpful tip for all of us: If you use suppliers who are not USLGA members, encourage them to join USLGA. They can get listed on our Suppliers List which is viewed by about 400+ growers and shops.