United States Lavender Conference 2023

Sponsors and Vendors

Sponsors and vendors are one of the cornerstones of the United States Lavender Conference. As a niche industry, lavender farming and entrepreneurship has unique needs and being able to provide resources that can help businesses in this industry is a top priority. For USLGA, Sponsorship and Vendor opportunities are all about partnership and connection.

With you as one of our partners, attendees of this event will have the opportunity to leave with even more valuable tools and skills to propel them forward.

Please download this Sponsor and Vendor informational packet for more information on the opportunities available or sign up for your partnership here.

Attending the USLGA 2020 conference as a vendor single-handedly launched the national expansion of my lavender accessories business. I was hesitant to attend thinking it would be too much work for not enough payoff. The opposite result occurred. I am planning and looking forward to the January 2023 conference where I can meet members in person and continue the helpful connections I have made during my last 2 years as a member of USLGA. 
~ Lauren Jawer, Belle Terre Ceramics