Front Porch Event
Better Data, Better Decisions:
Standards of Excellence for Operational Data Gathering

USLGA Expert Member Panel
Thursday, May 9th, 2024
5 pm PT/8 pm ET


Our presentation discusses the importance of using key data gathering for lavender farming. Our expert panel demonstrates how to use industry standards of excellence to achieve year-over-year success and scalability. Although production processes may be diverse amongst farmers, by understanding, and applying the standards, USLGA strives to build a membership of lavender farmer “experts” who can consistently create high-quality products and improve their farm businesses exponentially.

USLGA supports and promotes the United States lavender industry through research, education, networking, and marketing. We conduct surveys to promote standards of excellence and gather related data. For ten years, the USLGA Annual Harvest Survey has documented its lavender harvest data and trends report of, and for, our members, and the U.S. lavender industry at large. 

 Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of key data points related to lavender farm harvest/operations, see the following topics.
  • Understand plant density and how to plan for regional adjustments
  • Understand crop harvest and how to plan farm resources
  • Understand variety selection and use to maximize opportunities regionally/nationally.
  • Understand distilling/essential oil/hydrosol definitions, influencers and EO grade value.
  • Understand basic farm operation principles, their importance, and how to scale or pivot.
  • Overall, understand how to apply the standards of excellence to improve lavender farming.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation
General Field Harvest Handout
Distillation Handout
Distillation Report
Lavender Oil Products Excel
2023 Oil Production
Wayward Winds Daily Harvest

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