Lavender Grower Survey Closed - Thank you!

Our Lavender Grower Survey is closed - thank you to all growers who participated!

Lavender Grower Survey

The USLGA was formed over 10 years ago with a goal of supporting the lavender industry in the United States and the hope of having 50 members. Today, we have over 700 members and it’s time to update what we know about our membership and lavender growers throughout the United States.

In order to effectively promote our industry, we need facts and figures on the breadth of our farms, the crops we have and how we grow, harvest and process them, and the production of value-added products. The economic impact of all of these is crucial to our being able to have a voice in national issues that affect lavender farming.  This year we are attempting to capture a comprehensive update of lavender farms. We will be developing more surveys as time goes on to get a better idea of the impact on the lives of people and the economy of all our members’ farming and production efforts.

The survey asks for basic farm information and also specific information regarding lavender production. Our goal is to build as complete a report on the lavender industry in the United States as possible.