2023 Harvest Survey

USLGA supports and promotes the United States lavender industry through research, education, networking, and marketing. Our association conducts surveys to acquire harvest production data as well as specific information regarding farm operations, marketing, sales, and revenues. The 2023 survey went to lavender growers within our organization, and to lavender farmers who are not members, to build a comprehensive report on the lavender industry as it stands today.

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Here you can download the results of the 2023 USLGA Harvest Survey (click on the graphics):


We are enthusiastic about this year's survey, and combining it with our library of Harvest Surveys, furthering USLGA's knowledge base of lavender farming and production along with other factors impacting the lavender industry. To help clarify the collection definitions used in the 2023 survey, see our Lavender Harvest Collection Guide calculation methods: Guide - Collecting Harvest Data (pdf)